• Drums and Sass marks the latest project between singer/songwriter, LaRaisha and producer/songwriter, Charley Hustle. These two long-time friends have come together for this special Hustle Standard release. 5 songs made for the purpose of creating good music with good people. Listen; watch; be happy; be sassy.
  • Photography by Eve Reinhardt

    "Once again, LaRaisha proves she’s a force to be reckoned with."
    - Nina Ellis, The Deceptive Cadence

    "Our friend Charley Hustle is back with his second installation....read more"
    - Eric Shea, Maimed & Tamed

  • Written by LaRaisha Burnette and Charles Caripides
    Vocals by LaRaisha Burnette
    Produced by Charley Hustle
    Recorded at Hustle’s Astoria Studio, NYC; Skyline Studios, NYC; Electracraft Music Works, NYC
    Nick Miller: Drums (Tainted Hearts); Electric Guitar (Jill) www.nickmillermusic.com
    Brandyn Burnette: Piano (Tainted Hearts) facebook.com/brandynburnette
    Photography & Album Cover by Eve Reinhardt www.evereinhardt.com
    Hustle-Head Stamp Design by Ben Kirk
    Published by Works of Wonderlous (ASCAP); Hustle Standard Music (ASCAP); Rocketbrella Music (BMI); and Sounds Wonderlous (BMI)

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